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The Insider; body shaming.

Amy appeared on a segment about celebrity body shaming in conjunction with WH's September 2016 cover of Jessica Simpson.

CNN's HLN; holiday family etiquette .

Amy offered advice from the magazine's December 2017 issue about how to deal with differing family opinions about social and political issues in the age of Trump.

The Doctors; smiling depression.

In May 2017, in conjunction with a WH report on women who hide their depression, The Doctors promoted the magazine's powerful #HowIReallyFelt campaign, which asked people to re-caption social photos where they hid their true feelings.

Katie; health concerns with pedicures.

When Amy was executive editor at Women's Health, she appeared on Katie four times. Here, they sat together in salon chairs and discussed safety measures for your next mani/pedi.

Mondays With Marlo; how to land your dream job.

Amy appeared on multiple segments with Marlo Thomas chatting about everything from getting ahead at work to fading dark spots to romantic advice to her 20-year-old self.

Television Appearances

Today; mental health.

In conjunction with WH's story about busting mental health stigma, Amy discussed exclusive survey findings with Tamron Hall and Willie Geist.

The Doctors; sexual assault.

Based on WH's November 2016 report about sexual harassment and assault by physicians, Amy and the M.D.s on The Doctors explored the topic for the first time ever on the show.

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