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Editor's Letters

December 2014.

In her first Editor's Letter, Amy laid out a new vision for WH: one based on inclusion, encouragement, and the realism essential to sticking with a healthier lifestyle.

January/February 2018.

In another first, Amy declared that WH would replace fitness models with readers of all shapes and sizes in the monthly "15-Minute Workout" column.

June 2015.

To promote a story in the issue about the adult effects of having a strong father-daughter relationship, Amy wrote about her own dad and his unending support.

January/February 2016.

Amy made the radical move to drop two long-standing WH coverlines in service of body positivity. Praise from press and readers ricocheted online and across social.

June 2016.

When a college student wrote to WH asking to intern at its "fempire," Amy used her platform to promote feminism…and offer the young woman a job.

November 2017.

Here, Amy rolled out WH's new motto: Badass With a Heart. On Instagram, readers showed their approval: twice the typical likes and engagement.

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